Value pluralism and absolute moral judgments essay

Ancient Greece In the view of most people throughout history, moral questions have objectively correct answers. There are obvious moral truths just as there are obvious facts about the world.

Value pluralism and absolute moral judgments essay

Hire Writer Leopold suggests: It implies respect for his fellow members, and also respect for the community as such.

Humans tend to change the environment to enhance progress of the human condition. Humans have a long history of causing alterations to the environment.

Much of this change has been destructive. Humans have no inherent authority to arbitrarily decide what other species lives or dies.

There have been notable successes. Puma County, Arizona is growing rapidly. Land development projects are transforming the desert near Tucson. The owl population was reduced to just 23 individuals.

These owls live in holes in Saguaro cactus. They weigh only 2. The new housing developments would mean the end of their species. The result is the owl population has increased. The result of this morally correct choice is a win-win situation.

Various theories in environmental ethics can be reconciled via moral pluralism.

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Brennan goes on to state: Cost-benefit analysis makes the assumption that everything from consumer goods to endangered species may in principle be given a value by which its worth can be compared with that of anything else, even though the actual measurement of such value may be difficult in practice.

What is the value of the existence of the Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy Owl? Would the lives of future generations be enhanced by the existence of these creatures? If allowed to become extinct, what value would future generations place on them?

Who gets to decide? Concern for future generations need not be the sole basis for preserving the natural environment. Apart from material concerns, human beings may see a diverse nature as valuable for its own sake Booth Most American live comfortably.

They would not want to jeopardize their prosperity for insignificant reasons. This means prosperity is increasing worldwide. It is powered by its own momentum.

Value pluralism and absolute moral judgments essay

Yet despite being materially better off, future generations may feel worse off due to the loss of a diverse natural environment. The cost of petroleum has risen dramatically. Yet demand for oil continues to rise. Global warming is increasing.

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Human population is spreading over greater areas of the planet. Pollution continues unabated in many geographic areas. Substantial ecological disruption will result. Numerous plant and animal species will be endangered.

The human species has a moral obligation to future generations to protect and cherish natural environments.

This obligation extends to animals and plants. As the dominant species on Earth humans must assume this responsibility. Yet humans are selective in their moral choices.

Value pluralism and absolute moral judgments essay

A report from the Associated Press describes how 4 injured pelicans were discovered in Huntington Beach, California.

This incident occurred in early April, These were endangered brown pelicans. They had their pouches slashed deliberately. A human appears to have made the moral decision that it would be fun to injure these magnificent birds.Ethics: Absolutes and Relativists, Rules and Consequences.

This objection to absolute moral values is based on the assumption that there is insufficient constancy in human nature to guarantee absolute validity to any particular virtue or value. a means of arriving at value judgements and a way of giving primacy to one judgement when.

Ethical absolutism C. Ethical relativism B. Ethical pluralism D. none of the above 4. _____ encourages toleration Nothing is objectively right or wrong due to the differences in terms of the moral judgments across as opposed to a theory of morality that holds that good and bad exist as absolute, metaphysical values existing cross.

Essay on Moral. By Lauren Bradshaw. March 26, Example Essays. moral pluralism needs to be governed by three principles: 1) an unambiguous categorization of moral values, 2) the establishment of a minimalist common ground, and This theory leaves the question of what absolute moral command is founded on open and unanswered.

Yet, the. Moral Pluralism Essay Sample. Abstract. Moral pluralism acknowledges the existence of opposing ideas and practices. Moral judgments . 1. Developmental and Social Psychology. Dewey argues that the function of value judgments is to guide human conduct, understood broadly to include conscious and unconscious bodily motion, observation, reflection, imagination, judgment, and affective responses.

However, metaethical moral relativist views are sometimes regarded as connected with positions that say moral judgments lack truth-value, since the relativist views contend that moral judgments lack truth-value in an absolute or universal sense.

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